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All communications between you and Dr. Stress & Associates, LLC will remain confidential UNLESS one or more of the following apply:

  • you are determined to be presently dangerous to yourself or others
  • there is a report of child abuse or neglect or vulnerable adult abuse or neglect
  • the information is court ordered
  • or the patient/client signs a release of information to a specified party

All individuals who are 17-years-old or younger need to understand that any information shared in the counseling, therapy, or assessment process may be released to their legal guardian.

If a Dr. Stress & Associates practicum, intern, or fellow is providing services to you, that professional, in training, will be supervised by a Licensed Professional who will be kept informed of your progress and will assist intreatment planning and implementation. However, information discussed in all professional consultations will be treated as confidential except for the aforementioned situations or circumstances described in the previous paragraph.

Confidential records of your progress, services provided, and assessment results will be kept in a locked filing cabinet and access to these records will be restricted to the appropriate personnel. You may ask to see a copy of your record or the individual who you are the legal guardian of if you wish. Please discuss access to your records with your professional provider.

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