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"He Said, She Said" Divorce Blog
with Dr. Stress and Therapist Nicole Myers

I did not see the divorce coming: How do I deal with the shock, sadness and pain of this betrayal?
Posted on May 26th by Nicole Myers, MS, LPC

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Hi, I'm Nicole Myers, Licensed Professional Counselor. In my career, as I've mentioned before, I speak with a lot of people who have dealt with or are dealing with divorce. Whether we chose it, or someone has chosen it in our lives, it affects most people in our generation.  

 The question for today is: My significant other just told me they wanted a divorce. I did not see this coming. how do I handle the shock, sadness and pain of this betrayal?


Well, if you're thinking of this as a betrayal, this means that you were still planning on being married while your significant is moving on. This is a huge problem for you to adjust to but, rest assured, you can do so. The first step I…

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How do I tell my significant other I want a divorce
Posted on May 3rd by Nicole Myers, MS, LPC

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Hi! I'm Nicole Myers Licensed Professional Counselor and were going to talk today about the subject of divorce.  In my career, I speak to many people who have been affected by a divorce.  In fact, most people I talk to have been affected by divorce; one way or another.  We all know someone whose parents have been divorced, whose children are divorced or maybe we ourselves have been divorced. 


So, the question that we're going to cover today is: How do I tell my significant other that I want a divorce? Well, you may want to ask yourself: "Does my partner know whether I'm considering divorce?" If they don't have a clue, that might be a little different discussion. You want to…

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How do I get over depression and guilt after a divorce?
Posted on April 7th by Dr. Brian Stress, Psy.D.

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It would be unusual to not experience some level of depression and guilt when going through a divorce considering all the financial, emotional, physical, and cognitive resources you and your soon to be ex have put into the relationship that is ending. Think of the ending of the relationship as inflicting an emotional wound, like a scab on your knee but an emotional scab, in order to improve your life for better. With time and effort, the emotional wound will, more likely than not, scab up and heal. With time and effort to allow the scab to heal, you will begin to feel better-have more emotional, mental and physical energy. The trick is to make choices to let the wound heal.

If depression, guilt, and/or other emotions are…

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How do I introduce my children to a new romantic partner after a divorce?
Posted on April 6th by Dr. Brian Stress, Psy.D.

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Please remember that the children do not dictate when parent's divorce, or not, which may results in them feeling helpless during this process. Forcing any relationship on your children may unleash resentment and may provide your children with the ammunition to get even with you for perceived injustice they have endured. It would be understandable that your children may be scared that they are going to be forgotten or replaced by your new partner and possibly their family.

Introducing a new romantic partner to your children can be complicated. I suggest that you introduce the new romantic partner to the children in an environment where the children feel safe and have the choice of interacting with your new partner, or not.…

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What is the Best Way to Communicate with my Significant Other During a Divorce?
Posted on April 1st by Dr. Brian Stress, Psy.D.

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Communicating with a soon-to-be ex can be incredibly complicated and the difficulty level is generally related to the amount of conflict between you and your ex. The primary difficulty I see when working with individuals who are going through a divorce is one partner may be passively or openly attacking their soon-to-be ex because they feel they have been wronged. This generally results in the other each person attacking their soon to be ex over and over again. The constant exchanges of insults and inappropriate behaviors only escalates each person's wounds and generally results in your ex participating within behaviors to injure, anger or upset you.

The best way to communicate…

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How long should I wait before I begin to date after me and my partner split up?
Posted on March 30th by Dr. Brian Stress, Psy.D.

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A healthy relationship with your next romantic partner generally occurs when you are comfortable with yourself, first. I am not aware of any specific time limit that is applicable to all humans after the ending of a romantic relationship to begin of another romantic relationship. Dating someone to avoid your feelings about your ex generally results in even more emotional and other problems throughout your life. When you are able to think about your ex and not be overwhelmed by your emotions or find yourself looking forward towards dating another person, as opposed to dreading it, may be another indication you are ready to move forward with your life. Of course, if you start to date someone and realize you are not ready to be in a…

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