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"He Said, She Said" Divorce Blog

Articles By Nicole Myers, MS, LPC


How do I know if divorce is the next step in my marriage? When should I give up? (Oct 2017)

What Could I Have Done to Save my Marriage? (Aug 2017)

I did not see the divorce coming: How do I deal with the shock, sadness and pain of this betrayal? (Jun 2017)

Dealing with the Shame and/or Stigma of Divorce (May 2017)

Divorce and Communication

How do I tell my significant other I want a divorce? (Oct 2017)

How and what do I tell my children that their parents have decided to get a divorce? (Sep 2017)

What If I or my spouse are not on the same page; one of us wants a divorce but the other does not? (Aug 2017)

What is the best way to communicate with my significant other during a divorce? (Jul 2017)

Would any counselor be okay to see or should they hold specific qualifications? (Jun 2017)

What things should I or my child write down prior to seeing a professional for the first time? (May 2017)

What if my family or friends do not support me and my choice to get a divorce? (Apr 2017)

How do I know if the relationship with my ex, or their family, is negative or unhealthy? (Mar 2017)

Is it okay to end all contact with my ex or his/her family after the divorce is finalized? (Mar 2017)

Child Custody

How do my ex and I figure out custody and placement of our children? What are the best options? (Dec 2015)

Children and Divorce

How much should my children know about the divorce and where do I draw the line? (Sep 2017)

How should I, or my ex, help our children grieve through the process of divorce? (Aug 2017)

What if my child is not going to listen to me or refuses to talk with either parent? (Aug 2017)

Should we wait for our children to move out before we get divorced? (Jul 2017)

What are the signs that I or my child should see a counselor? (Jun 2017)

What if my children do not want to participate in counseling and I know that they need help? (May 2017)

Life and Children After Divorce

What methods would help me control the conversation if my ex, or their family, are determined to discuss things outside of our children that I do not want to discuss with them? (Oct 2017)

How do I get over depression and guilt after divorce? (Sep 2017)

How long should I wait before I begin to date after me and my partner split up? (Aug 2017)

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